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At-a-Glance for Alaska Energy Authority Project #01181 350272
Kipnuk: RPSU Renovation
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Project Number:  01181 350272   ( 1 Award )
Theme:  Energy: RPSU
Current Milestone:  Project Close-out Complete
Contact(s):  AEA Finance (Amy Adler) (Alaska Energy Authority)
Alan Fetters (Alaska Energy Authority)
Betty Sorensen (Denali Commission)
Chris Mello (Alaska Energy Authority)
Denali Daniels (Denali Commission)
Jodi Fondy (Denali Commission)
Monica Armstrong (Denali Commission)
Rebecca Garrett (Alaska Energy Authority)
Sandra Moller (Alaska Energy Authority)
Description:  This award of $400,000 will provide for a renovation of the existing powerhouse infrastructure in Kipnuk, Alaska including repairing the powerhouse foundation, replacing one of the existing generators, and upgrading the controls for the new generator. (Alaska Energy Authority project number 350272) In-kind match from the community will include donation of heavy equipment usage.
Progress Report Expenditures
  Funding Expenditures*   %
Denali Commission: $394,571.75 $394,571.75    100%
Other Funding: $186.00 $186.00    100%
Name Distressed/
Borough ANCSA Region House
DCED Profile
Kipnuk Distressed Unorganized Calista Corporation 38 S Kipnuk

Community Database Online
Additional community information from the State of Alaska, Department of Community and Economic Development
  Title Date Attachment Type Source
Project Expense Summary Report 10/14/2014 Project Close-Out Report Report 
Project Close Out Report 10/01/2014 Project Close-Out Report Report 
New Control Panel 10/20/2011 Photo (During Project) Report 
New External Radiator 10/20/2011 Photo (During Project) Report 
Charge Air Cooler 10/28/2010 Photo (After Project) Report 
Kipnuk Powerhouse Renovation 07/26/2010 Photo (After Project) Report 
Kipnuk Powerhouse Support 07/26/2010 Photo (After Project) Report 
Kipnuk Powerhouse Generator 07/26/2010 Photo (After Project) Report 
Letter to KTC from AEA fax 1.19.2010.pdf 01/28/2010 Progress Report Report 

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