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At-a-Glance for Award #0103-DC-2003-I16
Norton Sound Health Corporation: Nome Hospital Design
Award Number:  0103-DC-2003-I16 (1 Project)
Theme:  Health Care
Award Performance Period:  09/30/2003 to 06/30/2010
Award Status:  Award Closed Out
Contact(s):  Adison Smith (Denali Commission)
Betty Sorensen (Denali Commission)
Carol Piscoya (Norton Sound Health Corporation)
Craig Ambrosiani (Norton Sound Health Corporation)
Cynthia Brandt (Norton Sound Health Corporation)
Kathy Berzanske (Denali Commission)
Monica Armstrong (Denali Commission)
Nancy Merriman (Denali Commission)
Tessa Axelson (Denali Commission)
Scope of Work:  Amendment 5 extends performance period to 6/30/09 Amendment 6 modfies the scope of work to include: "site work" to existing award; Amendment 7 extends to 6/30/2010
Authorizing Document(s): 03-02, 05-17, 06-15, 05-03
Award Level Funding
Current Amount %
Obligation $10,047,523.41  
Drawdowns $10,047,523.41 100%