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At-a-Glance for Award #01319
Alaska Municipal League: 2010 AML 60th Annual Local Government Conference
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Award Number:  01319   ( 1 Project )
Theme:  Conference Sponsorship
Award Performance Period:  10/01/2010 to 01/31/2011
Award Status:  Award Closed Out
Contact(s):  Betty Sorensen (Denali Commission)
Betty Svensson (Alaska Municipal League)
Monica Armstrong (Denali Commission)
Sarah Geary (Alaska Municipal League)
Sharon Lind (Denali Commission)
Scope of Work:  Commission funds for sponsorship can be used for: event space and equipment rentals for the actual event, event costs including video, audio, and sound system rentals/services, travel of confrence attendees (travel does not include food costs), event brochure printing or other event media needed for attendees. All activities that involve the work of consultants or contractors must be procured through fair and open procurement processes, in keeping with the Federal Circulars in order to be eligible Commission costs.
Authorizing Document(s):
Award Level Funding
Current Amount %
Obligation $5,000.00  
Drawdowns $5,000.00 100%

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