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At-a-Glance for Award #01222
University of Alaska: Psychrophiles for Generating Heating Gas
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Award Number:  01222   ( 1 Project )
Theme:  Energy
Award Performance Period:  10/16/2009 to 09/30/2011
Award Status:  Award Closed Out
Contact(s):  Betty Sorensen (Denali Commission)
Denali Daniels (Denali Commission)
Gwen Holdmann (University of Alaska)
Jessica Andrews (University of Alaska)
Jodi Fondy (Denali Commission)
Lesli Walls (University of Alaska)
Maggie Griscavage (University of Alaska)
Monica Armstrong (Denali Commission)
Scope of Work:  Applied research of the use of psychrophiles (cold loving microbes) to improve efficiency in biogas digesters for generating cooking and heating gas for Alaskan households. The first phase will compare the efficiencies of mesophiles (conventional digester microbes) and psychrophiles on common household and rural Alaska feedstock at various temperatures. Amendment 1 - subcontractor added
Authorizing Document(s):
Award Level Funding
Current Amount %
Obligation $206,077.62  
Drawdowns $206,077.62 100%

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